Yanina Latorre has been doing a ping pong with all these days in THE M. First with the sisters, Callejón, then with Julia Mengolini telling him useless and now, he responds to the wife of Daddy Brieva, Mariela Anchipi.

After the panelist from THE M turn on the fan and give it to everyone to keep it alive, Yanina Latorre chose to stone the dancer again. “It makes me lazy to answer an ignorant person”, started saying.

But that was just an introduction to everything that followed: “Another one that throws the horn over my head. I feel sorry for you, because you don’t talk about your horns. Of the dancer that you stapled when you were in Dancing and it all ended badly”, threw the LAM panelist, who then terminated.

Yanina Latorre struck down La Chipi again

Yanina Latorre attended to everyone, after her fight with Estefi Berardi in THE Mwhich she later followed on Twitter, the panelist had no one left to sing the 40. One of them was Mariela Anchipi, better known as “The Chipi.”

Dady Brieva and Mariela Anchipi marry for the second time
Mariela Anchipi

The little angel from her Instagram stories began by saying: “La Chipi (Mariela Anchipi), who also works at C5N because her husband is a Kirchner, pro-government, pauteros, in short, I love it. You here, you vote for the government and it gives you work. plant yourselves If you don’t have a job, vote for the government that you end up like La Chipi in C5N, love.”

Dady Brieva and Mariela Anchipi marry for the second time
Mariela Anchipi and Dady Brieva

Then he added: “This girl was criticizing me last night. La Chipi talked about women’s fights on television: Did you forget when you were with Nicole Neumann in Dancing and you were killing yourself with Pampita until one day she got tired and hit you so badly that you were left crying like a pup…? Chipi, are you talking about fighting? Ma, you come from the mud.”

Before finishing, Yanina Latorre said: “Sometime, queen, when you talk about sorority and fighting, I who go to the front like crazy, did you think of the cuckolded woman that you ate her husband and stayed with him? Love, I at least will be cuckold, but married guys won’t gar…”


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