Image: dead husband Woman kills her husband with sleeping pills and puts the corpse in the freezer
Wife claimed husband was abusive at home

A woman has been accused of doping her husband with sleeping pills in her milk and then killing him. After taking the man’s life, she placed the body inside a freezer. The case took place in Walepup, in northern Australia, and the suspect did not deny any of the accusations.

Rebecca Payne, 43, was found guilty in March of this year, but appealed and asks for a reduction in sentence, claiming that she committed the murder because she suffered physical and psychological abuse at home.

The case took place in September 2020, but Australian doctors were unable to specify whether the 68-year-old man had died from sleeping pills or had suffocated after being trapped in the freezer.

The criminal stated to the court that her husband constantly cheated on her and that he had even taken another woman he had at the time to live in their house. He is also alleged to have raped two other girls.

Defense attorneys even showed that Rebecca’s body has 18 tattoos with her husband’s name in a distorted display of possessive behavior.

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