No regrets for our Margot Robbie fan readers for not being on the Croisette. The young star did not come to present Asteroid Citychoral film by Wes Anderson, in competition. 20 minutes nevertheless consoled himself by having a (good) time with Adrien Brody, Bryan Cranston and Jeffrey Wright, who came to supervise the filmmaker and his headliners, Tom Hanks and Scarlett Johansson.

All and all united for Wes Anderson

“Wes Anderson has the gift of uniting actors and actresses around him. We were all united to celebrate his vision entrusts comedian Bryan Cranston, star of the series Malcolm, breaking Bad And Better Call Saul. The director’s style isle of dogs is very recognizable in this poetic and tender tale, where strangers find themselves stuck in a city lost in the desert after the surprise appearance of an alien.

“Sometimes we only have secondary roles, spending a moment in the fabulous universe of Wes Anderson is a joy”, adds Adrien Brody, faithful accomplice of the filmmaker. Margot Robbie actually only makes a brief – but memorable – surprise appearance in the film. Which probably explains why she is not in Cannes, before the film’s theatrical release on June 21. “She only came for one day, the last day of filming and everyone was amazed by her magnetism, tells Wes Anderson to 20 minutes. If his presence on the screen is brief, his character is crucial for the story and charged with emotion. The whole team held their breath, captivated. We felt like we were at the theatre. »

And even if the film, by its lightness, has little chance of appearing on the charts, we do not appreciate it less and we also give an appointment to Margot Robbie for the highly anticipated Barbie by Greta Gerwig on French screens on July 19.

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