We now know that the sad Valencia-Real Madrid match (1-0) will be a milestone in the history of the “serious problem” of racism (according to the president of the Spanish Football Federation) in Spanish football stadiums. For three days, the reactions have indeed multiplied in La Liga and as far as Brazil, where the evening victim Vinicius is supported, including by the head of state Lula. Faced with all these reactions after the racist insults of supporters again suffered by the Real Madrid striker, the consequences this time did not drag out.

Spanish police notably announced on Tuesday that they had arrested four people involved in the hanging under a Madrid bridge of a model bearing the image of “Vini”, before a derby against Atlético in the King’s Cup at the end of January. Then the police indicated that three young men suspected of having uttered racist insults to the Brazilian on Sunday at the Mestalla stadium had been arrested in Valencia. If the reaction of La Liga boss Javier Tebas was surprising to say the least on Sunday, the Spanish Federation has already announced the sporting consequences of this affair on Tuesday evening. Vinicius, who received a red card in added time in this match at Mestella, will not suffer any game suspensions.

The stand Mario Kempes de Mestalla sanctioned

“Given the allegations and the videographic evidence provided by Real Madrid regarding the expulsion in the 90th+5 of Vinicius”, the disciplinary committee has decided to cancel the “disciplinary consequences” of this expulsion and to authorize the Brazilian to play again this Wednesday (7:30 p.m.) against Rayo Vallecano at the Bernabeu, for the 36th day of La Liga. This is an unprecedented decision in Spain. In addition, this “competition committee”, equivalent to the disciplinary committee in France, decided to order the closure of the Mario Kempes stand at the Mestalla stadium in Valencia, from which came the racist insults that targeted Vinicius, for a period of five games, straddling the current season and the next one.

He also imposed a financial fine on the Valencia CF club. “It has been proven that, as written by the referee in his post-match report, there were racist cries towards Vinicius, Real Madrid player, during the match, altering the normal course of the said match. These offenses being very serious, it was decided to impose on Valence CF an economic sanction of 45,000 euros, ”announced this commission. This is made up of a representative from La Liga, another from the federation and a final one from the Spanish Sports Council (equivalent to the State Secretariat for Sports in France).

VAR referee removed from office?

“This committee considers that the referee’s assessment was influenced by the omission of the entire scuffle, which resulted in an erroneous refereeing decision. Indeed, the fact that a decisive part of the facts was omitted prompted him to adopt an arbitrary decision. And this, because it was impossible for him to assess adequately what happened, “said the officials in their press release, at the end of a meeting which lasted more than seven hours according to the Spanish press. In a scuffle between Valencian and Madrid players, Vinicius had struck Hugo Duro in the face, but VAR footage had only shown the referee the end of the incident, not the prior aggression of the Valencia CF player, who totally blocked the Brazilian international for several seconds.

“I don’t know if it’s fair or not. Personally, I think that any form of racism should be absolutely censored. What happens in the course of the game is something else. It surprises me that they took away his red card, one thing has nothing to do with the other, ”Xavi slipped in a press conference after FC Barcelona’s loss (3-1) to Valladolid on Tuesday evening. Earlier today, the Spanish Federation suspended the VAR referee for the Valencia CF-Real Madrid match, Nacho Iglesias Villanueva, who “failed” to show the entire clash between Vinicius and Hugo Duro, who had unjustly escaped any sanction on the spot. According to the press, Iglesias Villanueva was even removed from his duties as a referee by the RFEF. The federation declined to comment on this information.

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