Present at the sports department of France Televisions since 2000, Laurent Luyat has become an emblematic figure of France 2 And France 3 over the years. Host of the biggest sporting events throughout the year, he dissects in particular each day of the Roland-Garros tournament and each of the stages of the Tour de France.

After his forced withdrawal in July 2022 for health reasons, the 55-year-old journalist returned to the airwaves of France Televisions and will honor its place for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. An event he is eagerly awaiting, especially since he will have the chance to comment on them with another emblematic figure of the French media landscape. Guest of Figaro Buzz TV this Tuesday, May 23, Laurent Luyat also took advantage of his visit to unveil the program for the Olympics in a few months.

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Laurent Luyat, with Michel Drucker

“I’m going to present, at the end of the afternoon, around 6:30 p.m., the live part, and the prime on France 2. And the day will end with a big show in fact, at the Trocadéro, around 11 p.m.: 11:15 p.m. It’s a a bit like a closing ceremony in fact. Where we will receive all the medalists of the day, all our champions and artists”, he first explained.

Subsequently, Laurent Luyat gave the name of his sidekick for the event: Michel Drucker. “I’m going to have the chance, in addition, to present with a very great: Michel Drucker. Whom I love very much”he rejoiced before continuing: “We are very close and I know that for him it’s a joy… you can’t even imagine. He started in 1964 for the Tokyo games. So in fact, it’s crazy. It’s a unique case in Europe. Maybe even in the world. For a host of that caliber to be able to do 60 years of TV like that at the highest level, I think it’s extremely rare.”.

And his salary in all this?

Still facing Damien Canivez and Sarah Lecoeuvre, the 55-year-old journalist had to answer THE question. “Gilles Bouleau was in your place a few days ago. And he told us that he had no taboos about giving a fork. He told us that his salary was ‘a little less important than a League goalkeeper 2’. Are we around Rafael Nadal’s salary?”launched Damien Canivez.

A question that did not really disturb the television man. “I think, in my opinion, we are around a hundredth of Rafael Nadal’s salary. More like a player ranked 136th”he replied with humor. “Not even in the Top 100?”Sarah Lecoeuvre was surprised before her guest nuanced: “Yes anyway. Maybe, I don’t know”.


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