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Union conflict in Vaca Muerta: the strike was lifted after a hearing at the Ministry of Labor - Loxpex News
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REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian
REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian

Workers and companies that work in the Vaca Muerta depositin the province of Neuquenparticipated in a hearing arbitrated by the Ministry of Labor this Monday, May 22, in which they agreed to suspend for the moment the force measures that had been initiated last Sunday, after a serious accident at work, in which a worker lost one of his arms.

As reported by the labor portfolio, the parties agreed to continue working on a scheme of medical evacuation protocolafter the complaint from the oil tankers that had sparked the conflict.

On Monday morning there was an agreement between the parties that exceeded the initial state of tension due to the forceful measures and the express request of the business sector for the State to intervene by issuing mandatory conciliation. Finally, they agreed to implement the security and air evacuation protocol from May 29, which, although it existed, was not applied, according to what the union observed.

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The suspension of the activity was determined yesterday afternoon by the Private Oil and Gas Union of Río Negro, Neuquén and La Pampa. As reported by the portal LM Neuquen, from 20 all the diagrams were already paralyzed. “Patience is over, action begins,” said the union’s Board of Directors through a statement released in the last hours in which the reasons for the measure of force were explained.

REUTERS/Tomas Cuesta
REUTERS/Tomas Cuesta

The intervention of the Ministry of Labor had been requested by the employers, given the halt in activity. “The unions of private oil tankers and hierarchical personnel began on the day of the date (on Sunday), unilaterally and without any prior notice, a general strike of activities in the provinces of Neuquén, Río Negro and La Pampa. , with the consequent affectation of the production and distribution of hydrocarbons”, warned the Chamber of Hydrocarbons Producing Companies (CEPH)in a note addressed to the Minister of Labor, Raquel “Kelly” Olmos.

State mediation took place hours later, agreeing to a meeting for 11 in the morning, which actually took place. After that, the first result emerged that “the parties promised to lift the measures of force and continue working on a health evacuation protocol scheme.”

As a result of the exchange, both the union representatives and the directors of the companies that participate in the oil exploitation They indicated that from next Monday they will proceed to review and make adjustments to the application of the security protocol and evacuation of the area.

The claim originated from the work accident suffered by an employee of CAPEX last Wednesday May 17th. The SAI 651 equipment operator at the oilfield Aguada del Cajon in Plottier He suffered the amputation of one of his arms.

According to the newspaper Black riverthe 29-year-old employee was hit by a pulley that severed one of his limbs superiors. The young man was transferred in a private company vehicle to a health center where he underwent surgery and is hospitalized for observation.

“Tired of tragic accidents that cost lives or leave maimed workers and in the absence of responses from the companies and the National Government to put an end to this situation, we decided to launch a defined fight plan last Thursday”, the union had communicated in response. Finally, the measures of force were suspended and the activity in Vaca Muerta will resume as normal

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