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Singer and rock’n roll diva, Tina turner had a special admiration for Ayrton Senna —and made sure to make it clear during a show in Australia, in 1993. That day, the American pop star shared the microphone with the pilot and declared herself to him. Senna was in the country to compete in a Grand Prix, which he ended up winning.

The Brazilian left shyness and discretion aside and, while Turner sang a few verses from the hit “The Best” to a crowd of 40,000 fans, he took the stage by surprise, surprising the singer, died this Wednesday (24), aged 83. “I’m a big fan of his. You guys know who he is, right? The best!”, she screamed ecstatically to the audience as she hugged Senna. “I am very excited!”.

He jumped on the bandwagon with his new friend, even with just a few words: “Hey everyone, have a great time. See you next year!” After leaving the stage, Senna continued following the show, from backstage, while Tina resumed the song from the verses where she had left off. “The best!” she returned to say. Hugging his then-girlfriend Adriane Galisteu, Senna danced and accompanied the rest of the presentation.

“In your heart I see the beginning of each night and each day / In your eyes, I get lost, I’m swept away / As long as I’m here in your arms / I couldn’t be in a better place,” Tina continued.

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