In 2020, legal representatives of Tina Turner open a process against the company Cofo Entertainment by counting the show Simply The Best – The Tina Turner Story. The lawyers alleged that the protagonist was too similar to the singer and accused the producers of deceptive propaganda.

Coco Fletcher plays Tina in a show that tells the story of the rock star. The process was opened in Germany and it was determined that the show really passed a message that the 81-year-old singer would be a person singing in the box. The company Cofo toured the case was for Justiça.

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In Germany, similar bands and singers are very famous and represent a very lucrative industry. Fletcher’s lawyer, on occasion, spoke about the case with an international press. “Only a chronically stupid person would make such a superficial interpretation to the point of confusing the two,” commented the representative.

death of tina turner

The singer Tina Turner died at the age of 83, in this fourth fair (24/5). The death of the artist was confirmed by a personal assessor on the site skynewswhich did not reveal the cause of death, but said that she fought against a doença.

“Tina Turner, ‘Rainha do Rock ‘n’ Roll’ died peacefully today, aged 83, after spending a long time at her home in Kusnacht, near Zurique, in Switzerland. Like her, the world loses a legend of music and an example”, he says in a note.

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