Venus in Cancer in good aspect with Neptune in Pisces. The universe of feelings and emotions (we come from the transit of the Moon in Cancer that boosted all this). Love is not possession and yet we need that feeling of belonging to feel involved. The fear of loss and abandonment appears, the record of situations already lived and that we do not want to repeat. But my message will always be to give love a new chance!!!

Today is Blue Resonant Monkey in the Mayan Synchronary

What good is art if it can’t touch your soul and transform it? True works of art touch the depths of the love of people. It is what makes them immortal. There are songs that become hymns for generations, books that after centuries are still current. It is because the artist has managed to completely shed his ego (even for a moment) and let God inspire his work.

Let art move you. Be sensitive to what is happening. Something inside you will change, like an invisible rope, and you will feel how God touches your soul.


I allow beauty and art to move me and transform my life.

From the book ONE YEAR TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE by Gabriel Mariano Rugiero

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