Yesterday I was telling you about the entry of Mars into Leo and how it affects each one of us. Today I bring the square aspect with Mercury in Taurus and Mars in Leo. Squares (90 degree aspects) are hostile, uncomfortable positions that generally reveal something we don’t want to see, an aspect of ourselves that we deny. And what is there to do with this Mercury-Mars square? In principle I take the fable of the tortoise and the hare. The fastest (Mercury) does not win, but the most persevering (one of the qualities of Taurus). This is one of his great teachings.

Today is White Rhythmic Dog in the Mayan Synchronary

I once asked an art teacher about creativity and he replied: “Creativity, what is that? I just take the brushes and paint like when I was a kid.”

This is the most beautiful definition of art that I found: “paint with the innocence and purity with which you color a drawing, a child”. When we were little we didn’t think so much, we let our Inner Being emerge and we painted, played, sang… time didn’t exist, hours seemed like seconds, we were so full of the present moment that we forgot about the rest of the world. Find spaces in your life where you can recover that magic like when you were a child. Where creativity is full of Light.


Innocence is the key to my creativity.

From the book ONE YEAR TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE by Gabriel Mariano Rugiero

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