After several participations in Large Families: Life in XXL, Amandine Pelissard and her husband Alexandre announced that they would no longer appear in the program. This story did not end in the best conditions since the influencer revealed that she was taking the production to justice.

A few weeks after this announcement, the couple surprised Internet users by announcing their professional retraining in the X field. If Amandine Pellissard wanted to take a break from this activity when she learned that she was expecting her ninth child, the mother of the family quickly changed his rifle.

Always very active on social networks, Amandine Pellissard regularly gives news of her clan but also of the progress of her pregnancy like this Sunday, May 21, 2023 during her live Instagram.

This time around, Jeremstar’s friend revealed that she had some health issues. While she is only three and a half months pregnant, Amandine Pellissard is already extremely tired and notices several physical inconveniences.

“I think I already have big problems with my legs. My ankles are all swollen. This morning I realized that I couldn’t see the ankle bones at all, the inner bone and the outer bone,” she first explained.

These kinds of problems, Amandine Pellissard has already encountered them during her various pregnancies. Only here, it had never happened so soon. “It’s all swollen and it’s super painful. (…) Knowing that I’m only three and a half months old, we’ll see. In general, it starts to bother my veins around five/six months. It’s a little early, especially with the summer coming!”, She added.

Knowing that she is already experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, in particular because of her previous miscarriage, Amandine Pellissard is not really delighted that she feels so quickly weakened. That said, the baby is fine and that’s all he cares about right now.

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