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They find the bodies of a Bogota couple in a Neiva motel - Loxpex News
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Crime scene-Colombia-CTI Prosecutor's Office.  Photo: Colprensa
Crime scene-Colombia-CTI Prosecutor’s Office. Photo: Colprensa

On Sunday, May 21, employees of a motel in NeivaDepartment of huilareported to the authorities that they found lifeless to a couple from Bogota who had stayed at their facilities on Saturday.

The workers of this site found it very strange that the couple from Bogotá he had not left the room since the day he entered the motelwhich was on Saturday May 20, so they proceeded to knock on the door of the room.

Not getting a response, They entered the room and found the couple who were lifeless.; According to information from the authorities, it is Leidy Castro Ospina25 years old and George Alejandro Gomez Rojas32 years.

The authorities indicated that when reviewing the bodies of the deceased they realized that there are no marks indicating that it was a violent deathso one speaks of a possible poisoning with an unspecified substance.

According to various testimonies, these young people, before entering the motel, were seen visiting the Tatacoa desert in the municipality of Villavieja. For now there is no talk of a homicide since there are no people pointed out for this crime.

Faced with numerous questions, the authorities removed the two corpses in order to transfer them to the Legal Medicine facilities and thus be able to effectively determine why the couple died in that motel room in the city of Neiva.

A bloody femicide occurred in Bogota during the night of May 1. Its about murder of a 45-year-old woman at the hands of her sentimental partnerthe unfortunate crime occurred in a motel room west of the city and counted on the immediate action of the authorities who managed to capture the attacker.

According to what the authorities indicated to the press around 8:30 pm in a motel in the town of Barrios Unidos, next to Caracas avenue, the man identified as Juan Miguel Pinzon, 36-year-old, in an attack of violence, repeatedly stabbed his sentimental partner Sandra Milena Saavedra.

In the search of the body, the authorities identified eight wounds which included their wrists, ankles and eyesdemonstrating the corpse of Saavedra the cruelty exercised by his murderer. After having committed the macabre homicide, Pinzón decided to call the reception of the establishment to report what had happened, after his communication the Motel staff contacted the National Police who came to the room where the attacker was to capture him.

Everything seems to indicate that the subject, who confessed to the murder, would have had an argument with Saavedra moments before committing the femicide. The authorities confirmed that Pinzón had a judicial record for domestic violence, fraud, qualified theft, trafficking, manufacturing and possession of narcotics.

Gender violence is a worrying issue in the country, the previous year the Attorney General reported a total of 180 femicides occurred in 2022Meanwhile he Observatory Colombian Femicides has indicated that the figure would reach 600. It is for this reason that the authorities invite women who are being victims of any type of violence by their partner to report through the different service channels.

Complaints or alerts can be made through the lines: 123, to the number 155 specialized in gender violence, or to 143 for intrafamily violence. All these lines are free and open 24 hours a day.

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