The weather is no longer depressed and the arrival of the sun certainly makes you want to add color, even sparkle, to your lives. To do this, why not start by adding some to your eyes, taking advantage of one of the most popular eyeshadow palettes in Sephora ?

Ranked among the best sellers on the site, these 3 palettes will effortlessly ensure a stunning look and will sublimate all your summer makeovers with a simple brushstroke.

To enlarge your eyes, magnify your makeup and put your artistic talents to the test, eye shadow is a must! Indispensable for impeccable beauty, these make-ups, which you cannot do without, alone have the power to completely transform your look. Siren eyes, smocky, nude, whatever your desires and current trends, eye shadow is a real must-have.
Colourful, iridescent, in pastel or copper tones, which palette will you fall for today?

Retro GlamNatasha Denona

This palette with 15 matte and iridescent shadows is adorned with pastel and tangy shades perfect for enhancing your summer makeup. Suitable for all occasions, it will sublimate elaborate make-up and highlight the most discreet.

Empowered, Huda Beauty

Dressed in 18 shadows in shades that are sometimes metallic, sometimes glittery in coppery and golden colours, this palette is essential for fans of smocky eyes. Easy to apply with fingers or a brush, these audacious shadows will effortlessly intensify the look.

My Dream Palette, Natasha Denona

Bringing together 15 of Natasha Denona’s favorite shadows, this palette in luminous shades and adorned with golden and metallic reflections will adapt to all everyday looks, from the most extravagant to the most discreet.

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