fito paez He is one of the most emblematic musicians of national rock and his recent popularity was due to the premiere of the latest Netflix production on the life of Rosario. In it, not only are the origins behind his musical career known, but they also delve into his personal environment, with the relationships that accompanied him during his career, such as his courtship with Fabiana Cantilo and Cecilia Roth.

The musician has confirmed in the past: “Brides inspire me a lot.”, making it clear that his great love hymns are based on his own experiences, which is why music lovers have analyzed which women he dedicated to fito paez each of his works, being Cecilia Roth one of the women in the musician’s life who most inspired him to compose.

Fito Páez and Cecilia Roth
Fito Paez and Cecilia Roth.

fito paez and Cecilia Roth They met at the beginning of the 1990s and, for ten years, they wrote their love story and received Martín Páez, their adoptive son. It was a golden era for the musician both personally and professionally, releasing the best-selling album in the history of national rock and which gave the title to the new Netflix series, “The love after Love”, almost entirely devoted to the actress.

“I don’t know if you were an angel or a ruby”, sang fito paez in A Dress and a Love, while expressing: “Cecilia always says what she thinks and almost never thinks like me”in the song that was named after Roth.

Fito Páez and Cecilia Roth
Fito Paez and Cecilia Roth.

Fito Páez’s songs about the separation of Cecilia Roth

Parallel to his personal life, the songs of fito paez they always reflect your own experiences and the situations you are experiencing. That is why the singer-songwriter presented his album “Abre” in 1999, writing the song “Dos en la ciudad”. In this piece, the man from Rosario intones: “It passed, it passed, our quarter of an hour passed”referring to what would be the end of a relationship.

Fito Paez and his children
Fito Paez and Martin Paez.

It was on that same album that fito paez presented “The farewell”, where, as its name indicates, the musician terminates the link. According to his testimony, Cecilia Roth could not hold back her tears listening to the heartbreaking poetry written, sung on a piano base. In any case, and beyond the fact that the national rock icon and the actress are not still in a relationship, they are on excellent terms and have managed to build a family based on love and mutual respect for the good of their son. Martin Paez.


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