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The real reason why Santiago del Moro got angry with Marina Calabró: “It made him mad that I told him not to endive” - Loxpex News
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Marina Calabro and Santiago del Moro they established a friendship relationship since they shared infamous, the gossip program that he hosted. From there, their friendly bond was unbreakable and they were an explosive duo. But they have not been seen together for some time and a distance is noted on the part of both, so the media began to rumor about it. Like a good journalist, she faced the rumors and told the whole truth.

I was never in a fight with Santiago“He began by saying Marina Calabró. However, he later clarified a fact that upset Santiago del Moro. “With him I have confidence. He was annoyed that he said that he did not ‘endive’“He revealed. It is that in recent times, since he began his successful conduction in Big Brother, he has had a very large exposure and everyone praises his performance, because he is brilliant. So, the journalist gave him this warning that bothered him. “But no, fighting with del Moro is like fighting with my sister or with my daughter.“, he assured.

Marina Calabró
Marina Calabró on Instagram

Regarding this comment Marina Calabróthis happened in the program Cream on the radio, Lanata Without Filter. It was at the time when Santiago del Moro He was starting to host Big Brother and everyone’s eyes were on him, and many praised him for his excellent performance in the reality show. Based on this, the journalist launched: “He’s a bit spoiled. He is very used to praise. Everything that sounds there in the middle, between praise and criticism, just in case, he gets angry“.

Subsequently, Marina Calabró spoke of the Martín Fierro and the possibility that Santiago del Moro be the driver this year, although it has now been confirmed that it will be Susana Gimenez and Marley. “Del Moro is a Telefe soldier, if they asked him, he would do it. But I think he had no interest in doing it. I spoke with him and he likes to go to enjoy the party“said the journalist.

Marina Calabró refused to participate in Mariana Fabbiani’s program

Mariana Fabbiani return to screen with DDMthis time in America TV. In the process of setting up her panel, the successful driver encountered her first obstacle: Marina Calabró He doesn’t want to be on the panel.

Despite Marina Calabró confirmed that he was close to signing, he finally decided not to be part of the cycle. Mariana Fabbiani She wanted the journalist on her show, and the producer tried to convince her to join.

Marina Calabró and Mariana Fabbiani
Marina Calabró rejected Mariana Fabbiani’s proposal

In very morningThe journalist said: “No, although Laura Ubfal says that I have already signed and that I am in the team, unfortunately I will not be there. And I say unfortunately because I was already part of El Diario de Mariana and because working at Mandarina has always been a pleasure for me. Those of us who are hired by a production company know that we are on the air for a channel, but in reality we are wearing the production company’s shirt. At Mandarina I worked very comfortably and I felt very well treated, but I apologized, I thanked them for the offer, but I definitely said no.“.


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