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The penalty kick showed Haaland’s humanity - Loxpex News
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Josep Guardiola, coach of the Manchester City football team, refused to criticize the duo, Ilkay Gundogan and Erling Haaland, because of the penalty kick that was missed in the match that Manchester City won over Leeds United 2-1 on Saturday in the English Premier League.

And the British news agency “BA Media” stated that Haaland, who was primarily responsible for paying the penalty kicks, left the kick that was awarded late in the match that was held at the Al-Ittihad Stadium, to be paid by Gundogan, so that the German player would have the opportunity to score his third goal (hat-trick).

However, Gundogan’s shot hit the post, and Rodrigo was able to reduce the gap for Leeds moments later, which frustrated Guardiola.

And Guardiola appeared very annoyed at this time, and the cameras caught him saying that he felt that Haaland should have taken the penalty kick.

And by the time the Spanish coach took over the tasks of answering questions and media after the match, he had calmed down.

Guardiola said: The performance was excellent, we played very well. I’m not going to explain my feelings about the last five, six or seven minutes because all in all it was a good performance.

And he added: Who knows if Haaland was the one who took the penalty kick and missed it? What would happen if Riyad Mahrez paid it and wasted it? What would happen if Elkay Gundogan hit it and scored a goal?

He emphasized: The question is, if the score is 2-0, who will take the penalty kick? If the score is 2-0, Haaland or Riyad are the ones to take it.

And he added: But (the penalty kick) showed Haaland’s humanity. He’s amazing and wants to score goals, but at the same time his team-mates are important. He is very kind and generous.

He emphasized: The match could have ended, but I understand both sides. Ilkay had never scored a hat-trick before and Haaland wanted his teammate to do it.

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Gundogan, whose contract with Manchester City expires at the end of the current season, confirmed that the matter for him had more interest than the match.

He told Sky Sports: I saw Erling with the ball, looking for me, and he told me to shoot it. I asked him twice, are you sure? He was sure and sure of giving me the ball.

He added: I was hoping to score. The sad thing now, looking at what happened, is that the disappointment of not scoring a penalty is greater than scoring two goals and maybe winning the game.

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