Fito Páez and Martin Páez
Fito Páez and Martin Páez

On May 24, 1999 he came into the world Martin Paez Roththe adopted son of fito paez and Cecilia Roth, who were a couple until 2002. Thus, this Wednesday the 24th, the young man who ventured into plastic art and photography is celebrating his 24th birthday. And his father took the opportunity to greet him very affectionately in public.

“Happy birthday, Martin! I never learned from anyone as much as from you! You are my total north”, Fito wrote next to a current photo of the young man, whom he also defined as “a source of wisdom and inexhaustible love”.

“May today be another great day but much more special. Enjoy it with everything! Inexhaustible fighter. I love you endlessly”, closed the musician born in Rosario, who signed the letter as “Dad”.

Fito Páez's greeting for his son Martín on his 24th birthday (Instagram)
Fito Páez’s greeting for his son Martín on his 24th birthday (Instagram)

“Sometimes it is unbearable to be the son of Fito and Cecilia,” Martín told Gente magazine in 2018 with a laugh. “But not because of them. It happens that it is difficult to make your own way and detach yourself from such strong surnames. Perhaps that is why I also dedicated myself to painting: it was not related at all to what my mother or father do, ”he explained.

“There you are talking to someone you just met and after half an hour he sends you: ‘Are you Fito’s son?… Can I go meet him?’ Or are you talking to a girl you like and after a while, the same thing: ‘Can you get me a ticket to see your old man at the Luna?’”, Martín laughed in that interview when asked about the dilemmas that sometimes arise. They introduced him for being the son of celebrities.

Páez Roth also said that he is usually very present at Fito’s shows. “My first job was at the age of 15, as the lead in his band. Now I take and sell photos at their shows. My old man is a groso… Which of his songs do I like the most? Difficult to choose one, but put ‘Track Track’ on it, from his album city ​​of poor hearts“, said.

Martín also confessed to following his mother Cecilia’s work “quite a bit”. “I saw few movies. the passing loversof Pedro Almodovar, and not much else. But I do go to the theater: I already went five times to see it in then the night, in Paseo la Plaza. It’s a very good play!” He said about the piece that was on the bill in those days.

Martín, son of Fito Páez, took photos during a show of the musician (Verónica Guerman / Teleshow)
Martín, son of Fito Páez, took photos during a show of the musician (Verónica Guerman / Teleshow)

In Fito Páez, the arrival of his son Martin inspired sun kinga record released in the year 2000, which includes a song with the same title that refers to this birth.

“Martín is already taking off, he wants to make his life. He is the person from whom I have learned the most in my life.. He has known how to tell me the fiercest and clearest things. She has emotional wisdom. Martín is one of the pride of my life”, said Fito in dialogue with teleshow about the bond with his eldest son. In 2004, he was born Daisy flowerhis second daughter, which he had with the actress Romina Richie. “Margarita is a teenager, she has an exquisite sensitivity, she is very nice, loving, intelligent. She goes with the music… At the same time, I also have two mothers who have accompanied me on the journey, raising my children together with me.”, pointed out the Rosario.

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