Sara Majarenas, in a file photo
Sara Majarenas, in a file photo

Sara Majarenas Ibarretawho belonged to the ETA command that in 2005 tried to assassinate the mayoress of Valencia, rita barbera, and who is currently part of the EH Bildu candidacies for the municipal elections on May 28, has not served his sentence and, therefore, the list of which he is part (in the Gipuzkoan municipality of Astigarraga) must be annulled . This is denounced by the Dignity and Justice Association, which this Thursday has submitted a letter to the Electoral Board requesting that said candidacy be prohibited.

The victims’ associations denounced a few days ago that 44 people who make up the regional and municipal candidacies of EH Bildu in the Basque Country and Navarra were convicted in the past for belonging to and collaborating with ETA. Among them is Sara Majarenas, who was sentenced in September 2007 by the National Court (sentencing confirmed by the Supreme Court) for a crime of integration into a terrorist organization eight years in prison and special disqualification for employment or public office for a period of ten years. He also received five more years and two months in prison for falsifying an official document for terrorist purposes and illegal possession of weapons.

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The ruling also sentenced Majarenas “to the penalty of absolute disqualification for a period of ten years greater than the duration of the sentences imposed respectively. The ex-terrorist entered prison on February 17, 2005 and was released on April 9, 2018, after serving 13 years and 2 months. But as Dignidad y Justicia points out in her complaint, “the main sentence of absolute disqualification was imposed for a period of 10 years longer than the prison sentences imposed, and, having been released from prison on April 9, 2018, Sara Majarenas said main penalty of absolute disqualification has not been extinguished”.

The general coordinator of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegui, during an act in favor of ETA prisoners.
The general coordinator of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegui, during an act in favor of ETA prisoners.

The victims’ association, chaired by Daniel Portero, emphasizes that “article 6.2 of Organic Law 5/1985, of June 19, on the general electoral regime, provides that”those convicted by sentence are ineligibleeven if it is not final, for crimes of rebellion, terrorism, against the Public Administration or against State Institutions when the same has established the penalty of absolute or special disqualification or suspension from employment or public office in the terms provided in the penal legislation”.

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For Dignity and Justice it is obvious that, “in response to judgment 57/07, of September 28, the candidate, for the political entity EH Bildu to the municipality of Astigarraga, Sara Majarenas, having definitively extinguished her prison sentence for belonging to terrorist organization, document falsification and illegal possession of weapons for terrorist purposes on April 9, 2018, and, having imposed a main sentence of absolute disqualification for a period of ten years greater than the prison sentences imposed, his sentence of absolute disqualification has not expiredwhich would last until the year 2028″.

Daniel Portero has already requested the Electoral Board of the Donostia Zone to require the Common Executory Service of the National Court the documentation proving that Sara Majarenas “has not extinguished the absolute disqualification imposed by Sentence 57/07, of the Third Section of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court, and, once the cause of ineligibility provided for in article 6.2 of the LOREG has been accredited, proceed to annul said candidacy”. Majarenas is at number 10 from the list presented by EH Bildu to the Mayor’s Office of the Gipuzkoan municipality of Astigarraga.

After the association’s complaint, the National Court Prosecutor’s Office has verified that it has not fully complied with its disqualification. For this reason, as you may have learned Infobae Spainthe Civil Guard has already appeared at her home and has informed her that she cannot stand in the elections.

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