The man who knocked down and seriously injured a police commander on Wednesday during a road check in Vienne (Isère) was indicted on Friday evening and imprisoned, said the Grenoble prosecutor’s office. This announcement comes after that, at the end of the afternoon, of the opening of judicial information for “attempted murder”.

Following the divestiture of the Viennese public prosecutor’s office, the Grenoble public prosecutor’s office, criminal center, “asked the investigating judge to indict the 34-year-old driver for attempted murder of a person holding public authority, (… ) driving a vehicle after having used a narcotic (cannabis) and under the influence of an alcoholic state (…) refusal to comply, driving without a license in recidivism (…) lack of insurance in recidivism”, had then indicated in a press release the public prosecutor Eric Vaillant.

He could face life

According to the Vienna prosecutor Audrey Quey, “the driver, convicted on multiple occasions, incurs, under the qualifications retained, life imprisonment”.

The Grenoble public prosecutor’s office had also requested the temporary detention of the 30-year-old, whose referral took place on Friday afternoon, as well as the indictment of the two occupants of the car, aged 19 and 17, for “no – assistance to a person in danger. “These two defendants have not been referred and will be summoned later by the investigating judge,” he concluded.

Refusal to comply

According to the Vienna public prosecutor’s office, the suspect refused to comply with a traffic check established on a roundabout on Wednesday afternoon. By forcing the passage, he violently struck the victim, projected on the bonnet then the windshield of the vehicle.

The occupants of the car then abandoned the vehicle and fled with a 4-year-old child, the son of the driver according to the prosecution. But the suspects were quickly arrested and taken into custody.

Hospitalized in Lyon, the 53-year-old policeman suffered “from a head trauma and an open fracture in his leg”. A medical certificate indicates total incapacity for work of more than 45 days, according to the Vienna public prosecutor’s office.

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