In full promotion of his latest film “Life for real”, in dark rooms since May 19, 2023, Dany Boon continues the interviews. On April 16, the 56-year-old actor, comedian, director, screenwriter and producer was Guillaume Pley’s guest in “Legend” to talk about his new project. An opportunity for Laurence Arné’s companion to tell a few anecdotes.

Several years ago, Kad Merad’s sidekick narrowly escaped death in a plane crash on his way to the Alpe d’Huez festival. A trip he won’t forget. I had a travel galley. We get on the plane with the film crew and I see there are things, I say ‘Is it yellow there?’ They tell me ‘Yes, it’s bakelite’. Bakelite is a plastic from the 60s. That means the whole thing is old. They come to see me, they say to me: ‘The captain is delighted to have you on board and he offers you to take off'”. A tempting proposition that he gladly accepts. Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned.

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“Mayday Emergency Landing”

No sooner had the plane taken off than a disturbing alarm went off. In panic, the co-pilot exclaims: “I’m leaving the train”, to which the commander replies: “No hydraulic guard”. A surreal scene straight out of a “movie” of action, says Dany Boon. I have my spine falling apart. I have my back, I am liquefied with fear. Guys forget me and they say ‘Mayday emergency landing’.” Fortunately, the situation ended up getting better and the plane was able to land safely. They managed to get the gear out, we landed and afterwards, I went to congratulate the captain who kept his cool.” remembers Dany Boon. One thing is certain, it is that this trip will go down in history!


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