Tamara Baez Demonstrated her passion for tattoos on more than one occasion, the influencer usually surprises her followers by showing them the designs that they embody on her skin, when a new piercing is placed, when an aesthetic retouching or a change of look is made.

On this occasion, Tamara Baez He used the stories from his personal Instagram account to publicize the new tattoo he got. Although it is worth mentioning that the design is not finished, since she herself clarified: “First session”.

The Jamaican mom chose the shoulder and collarbone area to tattoo and the same design was made on both sides (left and right). Magnolias are the flowers that now rest on the skin of tamara.

Tamara Báez’s makeover

During the weekend, tami A change of look was made that was unexpected for the followers, since they told him on more than one occasion that the copper color suited him very well. But the influencer is very true to herself and she chose to renew her image.

Tamara Baez He went back to blonde, although this time he left his roots darker and made brown highlights.thus wearing a completely original look.

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