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Just two days after announcing that she had ended her 21-year marriage to former goalkeeper Julio Cesar, 43, the actress and former model Susana werner, 45, said both are back together. According to her, the two rushed.

“We were hasty. Our heart hurts too much and we are not prepared to live far from each other. Thank you for caring. You contributed to our reflection”, she wrote in a post that said: “Insisting on love will always be the right answer”.

“Just as I came to announce something very sad, I come to announce that we are sure that there is still a lot of love between us and our family”, he amended.

Last Sunday (21), Susana published an image of Julio and her children and said she was separating.

“It is with great sadness that we announce our separation, after 21 years of marriage. We hope that everyone understands this difficult moment of decisions that we are living”, he began. “In common agreement, we decided that we will be following our dreams, our paths in the best possible way”, he concluded.

This was not the first time that Susana rushed into a post on Instagram. At the end of January 2018, after Julio, who lived in Portugal with his family, was announced in the Flamengo team, Susana showed displeasure with his decision, who had signed a three-month contract and would receive a symbolic salary.

“Of course we love each other, everything was wonderful. On Saturday, we were bowling. On Sunday, I was called to receive this news. Wonderful. And what was the news? I’m going to be happy and I’ll be right back.” Shortly after, Werner deleted the videos.

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