She dreamed of participating in the orientation test but it will not be for this time. At the end of the last council of Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire, broadcast this Tuesday evening on TF1, Laura was eliminated from the adventure. The former yellow candidate collected one more vote against her than Tania, who once again saved her place in extremis.

A start all the more infuriating as the 32-year-old adventurer came second in the immunity test, just a few seconds behind Nicolas, the winner of this blind maze. Lack of speed, lack of strategy… Laura answered questions from 20 minutes.

How did you feel when you found your name on the board?

Obviously I was disappointed but I expected it. The day before my elimination, I was looking for a necklace and I knew that if I couldn’t find one, I was going out at night. So I had already had time to look back on my adventure, to cry too and to tell myself that it was over. I won’t go so far as to say that I came to the council calm, but it wasn’t a surprise, I suspected that my name would come out.

You just miss immunity, is this defeat a huge regret?

This is the worst moment of my adventure! It’s that moment when I can save myself and where within two seconds I don’t. Throughout the event I am well ahead and I remain blocked in this place and I do not continue… It is a huge regret to have persisted in this.

What do you think you lacked at this level of the game?

We redo the pattern many times in our head. What I missed was maybe just a little more strategy. My empathy lost me too. At this stage of the adventure it involved betraying someone again, eliminating Quentin with whom I had been close for 24 hours… We had had time to discuss, to know our lives. I couldn’t do that to Quentin, it wasn’t possible.

As you assure in the episode, you also pay your vote against Nicolas during the linked destinies?

As I explain, it’s not a vote against Nicolas but a vote to save Clémence. Unfortunately, choosing is giving up, so there I gave up my alliance with Nico and Julie to save Clémence. But if I had to do it again, I would do exactly the same thing because at the moment T, for me it was impossible to vote against her.

We also discover that some candidates feared coming face to face with you during the orientation test. Did you realize you were a threat to other adventurers?

I am a frank person, orientation is something I wanted to do. When I said to myself that I might have the opportunity to take part in Koh Lanta, I went to the forest of La Coubre (in Charente-Maritime) not far from my parents to train. Naively, I talked about it in the adventure and I shot myself in the foot by saying that I loved this event, that I was strong at it! It scared them and so much the better! I rather leave with my head held high to know that I was scary at this stage of the adventure.

Losing a few days of orientation is particularly frustrating?

Yes, because like many adventurers, from the moment we do the reunification, we want to go to orientation. There, I didn’t have a long way to go so it was very frustrating. I had the “right maps”: I am very methodical, patient, logical… I have a very good sense of direction. It’s even more infuriating to know that it would have probably offered me a place on the posts.

Before joining the final jury members, you give your black vote to Quentin. Did you read his game clearly at that time?

Yes and no. For example, when the boys take Helena out, I know that Quentin is lying to Clémence by telling her that he doesn’t know. But I didn’t know that Quentin was so wet in the strategies, I thought he was perhaps more of a follower. It’s sure that I wouldn’t oust Tania again, I would do again this female alliance that had collapsed… I would vote completely against Quentin by telling the girls to take advantage of the fact that he already had a vote against him. But at the moment we don’t have all the cards in hand. When you look at the whole adventure afterwards, you say to yourself “oh my, but if only I had known! »

This alliance of “long hair” (made up of Clémence, Julie, Tania, Esteban and you) succeeds in overthrowing the quartet for the first time by eliminating Gilles. Why not continue on this path?

We already find ourselves with two people less [Clémence et Esteban sont éliminés à la suite de Gilles], then those who remain each have a link with other adventurers: Julie with Nico, Tania with Fred, Quentin and me. It may be a bit simplistic, but I think the girls were more emotional where the boys were more strategic, being two or three steps ahead of us. At this time of the adventure my only ally was Quentin because I had disappointed Julie. I found myself against her in quotes but you had to put yourself in her place, I wanted to vote against her so she wasn’t going to come and pat me on the back.

Were you sufficiently prepared for the strategy?

Not at all, we really do not prepare for it. The person who made me think about it is Clémence, who from the beginning of the adventure detected links between certain candidates. I wasn’t at all ready for the strategy, maybe I was getting a little too into my world of care bears. In addition, we yellows had a fairly easy start to the adventure. For me the strategy started from the reunification.

What aspect of “Koh-Lanta” is the most difficult in your opinion: the living conditions or the strategies?

For me, strategy was much more complex than survival. Our body and mind adapt more easily to survival. There is also a group effect, we are all linked to go all the way. For the strategy, you have to put aside your deep state and it also depends on the opponents in front of you. You can also find yourself alone, at some point you have to think for yourself and that’s where I couldn’t.

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