Sky Sports Motors Weekend |  F1 Monaco Grand Prix and Indianapolis 500Coming up Sky and streamed on NOW an unmissable weekend for all Formula 1 fans: live from Monte-Carlo on Monaco Grand Prix from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 May on Sky Sport F1, Sky Sport Uno, Sky Sport 4K and streaming on NOW. On Thursday, the event will immediately get underway with the first free practice sessions of Formula 2, Formula 3, Porsche Super Cup and the drivers press conferenceat 14.30. at 20.15then, the special “F1 Academy Barcelona”: third round of the women’s championship, second consecutive in Spain. All in pursuit of the landlady Marta Garcia, leader of the standings.

Sunday the race will be exclusively live from 15, with commentary by Carlo Vanzini and Marc Gené, Roberto Chinchero insider in the pits. Federica Masolinconducts the pre- and post-race insights with Davide Valsecchi.

On the same busy weekend, don’t miss the NTT IndyCar Series with the race 500 Miles always scheduled for Sunday at 18.30 on Sky Sports Arena and streaming on NOW.

Back on track after canceled race a Imola. 3,337 m long, the street circuit of Monk has in the Piscine (two “S” left-right and right-left) one of the most interesting traits. But from Santa Devota to Rascasse there are many legendary corners on a track where more than anywhere else qualifying can be decisive. Braking for turn 10, the best point to try to overtake. Also through “historical shots”, the characteristics and pitfalls of the Principality: Sunday LIVE on Sky and streaming on NOW

  • Turn 1 – Sainte Devote (Sainte Devote) – Brake shortly after the 100m sign, drive in 3rd gear at about 130 km/h, braking is very difficult as the braking area is very bumpy; easy to miss the exact braking point, 4.3 G of deceleration.
  • Turn 2 – Beau Rivage – This variant – after the salitone that bears the same name – takes about 270 hours. Change of direction at a speed of about 150 km/h.
  • Turn 4 – Casino – You don’t see the apex point. Slope change when turning in, travel in 4th gear at approximately 160 km/h.
  • Turn 5 – Mirabeau “high” – One of the most demanding stretches, where heavy braking alternates with considerable acceleration. It is a tight curve which requires a reduction in speed from 220 to around 80 km/h.
  • Turn 6 – Loews – One of the tightest corners in the entire World Championship. Speeds are very low, the main pitfall is finding yourself in front of a slower single-seater up to the tunnel.
  • Turn 7 – Mirabeau “low” – Certainly not high speed in this first right-hand bend which, however, must be approached carefully, in a “complementary” way to the next one to avoid entering the tunnel too slowly. In summary you need precision in the trajectory.
  • Turn 8 – Portier – Precision in the trajectory is the imperative also in this corner. Which isn’t particularly demanding, but hides a pitfall: the change of light at the entrance to the tunnel.
  • Turn 10-11 – New Chicane – From the more than 290 times that can be reached under the tunnel, we arrive at the 70 of the new chicane.
  • Turn 12 – Tobacconist – 90° left turn, it’s a sort of “trampoline” for jumping towards the swimming pools.
  • Curves 15-16 – Pools – The variant is a fast right-left. Great braking coming out of the tunnel, the braking area is very bumpy and you brake downhill, brake at 110 meters by exerting 160 kg on the brake pedal, 4.7 G of deceleration, you ride in 3rd gear.
  • Turn 17 – Rascasse – Like the Loewe, this right-hander is among the slowest in the championship.
  • Turns 18 and 19 – Anthony Noghes – The last two corners of the circuit, which lead into the straight, are named after Anthony Noghes, the tobacco merchant who organized the historic first editions of the Monte Carlo Rally and the Monaco GP. Turn 18 is taken in 2nd gear at 85 km/h, while turn 19 is always taken in 2nd gear at about 115 km/h.

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Thursday 25 May

  • 1.25 pm: F3 – free practice 1
  • 2.55 pm: F2 – free practice 1
  • 4.25 pm: Porsche Super Cup – free practice
  • 5.45 pm: Paddock Live Pit Walk
  • 6 pm: drivers press conference
  • 8.15 pm: “F1 Academy Barcelona”

Friday 26th May

  • 11 am: F3 – qualifying
  • 1.15 pm: Paddock Live
  • 1.30 pm: F1 – free practice 1
  • 2.30 pm: Paddock Live
  • 3.05 pm: F2 – qualifying
  • 4.45 pm: Paddock Live
  • 5 pm: F1 – free practice 2
  • 6 pm: Paddock Live
  • 18.40: Porsche Super Cup – qualifying
  • 7.30 pm: Paddock Live Show
  • 8pm: Team Principal press conference

Saturday 27 May

  • 10.55 am: F3 – sprint race
  • 12.15 pm: Paddock Live
  • 12.30: F1 – free practice 3
  • 1.30 pm: Paddock Live
  • 2.10 pm: F2 – sprint race
  • 3.15 pm: #skymotori
  • 3.30 pm: Paddock Live
  • 4.00 pm: F1 qualifying (delayed from 6.30 pm on TV8)
  • 5.15 pm: Paddock Live
  • 5.45 pm: Paddock Live Show

Sunday 28 May

  • 7.55 am: F3 – sprint race
  • 9.40 am: F2 – Formula Race
  • 11.55 am: Porsche Super Cup – race
  • 1.30 pm: Paddock Live
  • 3pm: F1 race (delayed from 6pm on TV8)
  • 5 pm: Paddock Live
  • 5.30 pm: Paddock Live – #skymotori
  • 7 pm: Race Anatomy



Sunday 28 May

  • 6.15 pm: IndyCar studio
  • 6.30 pm: IndyCar 500 Miglia race

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