Serie A, the chief executive of Serie A, said on Tuesday that the country will take a zero-tolerance approach to racist fans by using technology to help identify and prevent them from entering stadiums.

The issue of racist abuse of players tops the agenda in European football after Vinicius Junior, the Real Madrid player, was targeted during his team’s match this weekend against Valencia in Spain.

Luigi De Cervo, CEO of the Italian League, told reporters: There is a percentage of racists in the stadiums, as in society. Today, with the presence of technology and indoor broadcasts in stadiums, we can hear these people and punish them. It’s a battle. Like a tumor, you have to remove it systematically, even if it recurs.

De Cervo pointed out that Italy banned about 170 Juventus fans after they directed hostile chants against Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku in the Italian Cup semi-finals last month, describing this as a step on the road to zero tolerance for racists.

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