After their media separation a few months ago, rumors of a possible reconciliation between Sabrina Rojas and the tucu lopez They have started circulating in the media.

From the Instagram account gossip methey published a photo of the couple together at a school function of Sabrina’s son. “It seems that there is reconciliation” Pochi wrote on her account where the actress and the announcer can be seen together.

Tucu Lopez and Sabrina Rojas reconciled
Tucu Lopez and Sabrina Rojas reconciled

Sabrina Rojas and Tucu López They met at a function “Sex” and, since then, their love relationship has been the subject of attention and speculation by their followers.

Although their split came as a surprise to many, it seems the time apart has given them a chance to reflect and reconsider their bond.

The separation of Sabrina Rojas and El Tucu López

the couple of Sabrina Rojas and Tucu Lopez It came to an end after the infidelity that the announcer had in a bowling alley. The information confirmed it Nancy Duré in the program “Partners of the Show” in a chat with the actress.

Sabrina Rojas and Tucu López separated
El Tucu López and Sabrina Rojas

“Hello Sa! I don’t want to bother you… but could it be that you are distanced from Tucu?”asked the journalist, to which Sabrina replied: “I’m separated, Nancy” without spinning.

Sabrina Rojas and Tucu López
Sabrina Rojas and Tucu López

Given this, the announcer was devastated by what happened and made it very clear that his feelings for Sabrina Rojas are still intact and that he wants to get it back.


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