At just 30 years old, Rayane Bensetti has succeeded with panache in finding a place for herself in the 7ᵉ art industry. The actor saw his career take off with the series “Pep’s”. Thereafter, everything was linked for him! The public was able to find it in the fiction “Joséphine Ange Gardien” or even “Clem”. In parallel in 2014, the main interested party also aroused passions in “Dancing with the stars”.

Alongside Denitsa Ikonomova, Rayane Bensetti brilliantly won the 5ᵉ edition of the show. In 2020, the artist had more or less teased his possible comeback in the flagship program of TF1. “With Denitsa [Ikonomova, ndlr], it is certain that we will dance together again one day. Why not on the DALS floor, six years later?”, he had launched to our colleagues from “Télé Star” in 2020.

And to add: “I’m the only winner who never came back. We don’t forbid anything!” A born hard worker, Rayane Bensetti has since chained projects to the screen. Like “Love at first sight in Jaipur”, “La finale”, “BDE”, or even “Let’s Dance” which met with great success. Without his essential partner of DALS, the latter admits to having rowed for this shoot!

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“I want a Tamara 3”

“Dancing with the stars made me get a sense of rhythm, but it’s not thanks to the show that I dance like that in Let’s dance. Hip hop is much more physical, more acrobatic”, explained the handsome brunette to our colleagues from “Télé Loisirs in 2019. “And then, I didn’t have Denitsa (Ikonomova, editor’s note) to hold my hand and say to me: ‘Rayane, it’s not your position there!’ There, I was on my own, all alone !”

Of course, by revisiting his CV, it is impossible to ignore the Tamara saga in which he gives the reply to Héloïse Martin. The two films focused on the love story of their characters have thrilled viewers to the highest degree. Obviously, aficionados could have a little surprise in the coming months…

And for good reason, this Tuesday, May 23, 2023, Rayane Bensetti took to his Instagram account to publish a nice photo of their duo. “Tamara?”, captioned the star without saying more. Three years ago, the actor confided for “Allo Ciné”: “I want a Tamara 3, absolutely […] The baby, the wedding, we can imagine a lot of things […]. It won’t happen right away because if we want to do something that stretches over time, and yet another stage of life, we’re going to have to grow up, or make up (laughs) “. Case to follow!


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