Rai, board of directors appoints new directors of genres and mastheadsThe Board of Directors of Raimeeting today in Rome under the chairmanship of Marinella Soldi, resolved to update the corporate organizational structure and formulated the relevant opinion regarding the appointments of Director of genres and mastheadsproposed by the Chief Executive Officer Roberto Sergius.

The organizational structure illustrated by the CEO, together with an indication of the area managers Corporate, introduces new organizational areas, including the Strategic Initiatives Coordination Department as a structured point of reference and coordination of the activities referred in particular to the Industrial Plan, the Sustainability Plan and the Service Contract; in the radio publishing area, a new Department was created called specialized digital radios and podcasts.

As for the newspapers, Gian Marco Brooches he will be the new director of Tg1; Antonio goes to Tg2 Preciouswhich leaves Rai Parliament, where Giuseppe takes office Coals; Francesco arrives to guide the Radio News and Radio1 Pionatiwhile Jacob Foxes becomes Director of Raisport and of the related Genre.

For the genres Stefano Coletta leaves the Prime Time Entertainment to Marcello Ciannamea and takes its place at Distribution. Angel Mellon will direct the Entertainment Day Time, Paul Corsicans the deepening; Hadrian DeMaio will guide Cinema and TV series, Maurizio Imbrial will direct Digital Contents. For the radio channels, Radio 2 is headed by Simona Room and Mark Lanzarone assumes responsibility for the new Management of specialized digital radios and podcasts. Finally, Monica Maggioni takes office in the Editorial Directorate for the Information Offer.

During the session, the Board also approved the renewal of the Boards of Directors of the subsidiaries, whose corporate bodies were about to expire: Paolo was confirmed at Rai Cinema Del Brocco in the role of Chief Executive Officer and Nicola Claudius as President; Sergius Holy is appointed Chief Executive Officer of Rai Com, while Claudia Mazzola takes office as President. Andrew Vianello he was appointed Director General of San Marino RTV.


  • TG1: Gian Marco Chiocci
  • TG2: Antonio Preziosi
  • TG3: Mario Orfeo
  • TGR: Alessandro Casarin
  • Rai News: Paolo Petrecca
  • Rai Newspaper Radio: Francesco Pionati
  • Rai Parliament: Giuseppe Carboni
  • Editorial Management for the Information Offer: Monica Maggioni


  • Prime Time Entertainment: Marcello Ciannamea
  • Day Time Entertainment: Angelo Mellone
  • Fiction: Maria Pia Admire yourself
  • Culture and Educational: Silvia Calandrelli
  • Rai Sport: Jacopo Volpi
  • Insight: Paolo Corsini
  • Cinema and TV Series: Adriano De Maio
  • Documentaries: Fabrizio Zappi
  • Rai Play and Digital: Elena Capparelli
  • Kids: Luca Milano

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