O Prince harry lost, this Tuesday (23), the appeal to challenge the decision of the British government to suspend the police protection for the youngest son of the King Charles 3rd when he is in the UK. Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his wife meghan lost the protection of taxpayer-paid security forces when they decided to leave the British royal family in 2020.

The couple, who live in California, hired their own private security team in U.S. Harry claims, however, that his team does not have the jurisdiction or access to intelligence to keep his family safe on British soil.

The prince appealed the decision to the Home Office, which denied him the possibility of paying for the family’s security in the UK with his funds. This Tuesday, the judge responsible for the case closed the door to new processes.

Lawyers for the Home Office argued at a recent hearing that it is not “appropriate” for wealthy people to “buy” protection that could include armed agents, when it was ruled that the “public interest does not justify” their receiving special protection with public funding. .

The prince’s safety came back to the fore last week, when Harry and his wife were chased by car through the streets of New York by a group of paparazzi. The incident gave rise to conflicting reports, but a source close to the couple claims that this “persecution” could have been “catastrophic”.

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