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After dismissing the rumors of a possible separation, finally the singer Preta Gil, 48, confirmed that she is no longer married to the personal trainer Rodrigo Godoy. In a text on social media, the artist, who treats a bowel cancerspoke for the first time on the subject.

“Today I went back to work, very lightly, just three meetings. But, after so many months off without thinking about work, not because I wanted to, but because I couldn’t, the chemotherapy made me very depressed, then I still had sepsis and the separation , all at the same time. A chaos, I didn’t have the head or strength to think about work”, he wrote.

In April, Preta had used the same social network to stifle an alleged breakup of the relationship after a video surfaced of the personal trainer being caught next to a woman. The singer said that she was being spared by friends and family from the controversy involving her husband.

“My loves, today I woke up in a kind of nightmare. Due to my very serious health condition these days, my team, friends, family and doctors shielded me from the gossip that was coming out about my marriage. But, unfortunately, today they were unable to save me from the cruelty that is happening on the internet”, began in the outburst.

The singer explained that she was not aware of many situations revealed by other people. “Many things I learned today and I am very shaken. In the midst of gossip there are many lies, such as financial matters, tracker in the car and trisal. Very painful and cruel”, she said.

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