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Pierre Niney and Marion Cotillard take Alicia Vikander’s eggs as a model - Loxpex News
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We learned yesterday that Robert De Niro was inspired by Trump for his character in Killers of the Flower Moon by Scorsese. Natalie Portman explained how she got into the skin of Julianne Moore to play the character that the latter embodies on screen in May-December… Today it’s the turn of our French stars to tell us a lot about their way of working with characters that exist or have existed.

The event of the day: Pierre Niney and Marion Cotillard draw from the source

Pierre Niney in the skin of Michel Gondry at a delicate time in his life, Marion Cotillard in that of the missing mother of Mona Achache… These are incredible true stories and characters who are no less that inspired the two actors French. “It was crazy to play Michel Gondry for and in front of Michel”, confides Pierre Niney to 20 minutes talking about his role in The Solution Book. “Pierre had me on hand to ask me all his questions about the behavior of his character,” laughs Michel Gondry. And the movie is very funny indeed.

More serious, the approach of Mona Achache who, on the death of her mother, chose Marion Cotillard to embody her in a fiction on the edge of the documentary, Little Girl Blue. “I very quickly shared with Mona the way in which her story resonated in my own history, in my own line of women and in the universal history of women”, explains Marion Cotillard to 20 minutes. “What I liked, right away, in my meeting with Marion, is that… you told me a lot about yourself”, replies Mona Achache. And it is moreover this very precise point which makes the film a marvel to see.

Quote of the day: Alicia Vikander’s eggs

There are always couples where the woman walks on eggshells to avoid upsetting her partner. »

This is what Swedish actress Alicia Vikander told 20 minutes about her character as the wife of King Henry VIII of England in The Queen’s Gamein competition.

“It’s not just a film in costumes, explains the actress to 20 minutes. This is the story of a toxic relationship that we discover on a daily basis. This woman must constantly remain on her guard in a hostile environment where she is threatened.

Image of the day: (Fake) blood on Ukraine’s dress

A woman in a dress in the colors of Ukraine sprayed herself with fake blood on the red carpet. This woman was quickly evacuated from the steps of the Palais des Festivals.

To be continued tomorrow: Will “The Idol” series be full of idols?

Who is the most The Idol between Lily-Rose Depp, The Weeknd or the singer Jennie of Black Pink who would have served as bait to look pretty and finance the series? Answer tomorrow in front of photographers and journalists around the world who will not fail to come back to all the controversies that surround the series and already give it a sulphurous character.

Nonchalantly, The Idol validates the presence of series in the temple of cinema and promises to be one of the hottest moments of the fortnight. Presented out of competition, The Idol will be broadcast from June 5 on Prime Video.

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