Despite Zaira Nara revealed that his relationship with Facundo Pieresthe ex of Paula Chavezwas over, the bond of friendship between the models was severely affected by this “betrayal” and he did not manage to return to what he was. Now, Pedro Alfonso He gave his point of view on what will happen with this link.

It should be remembered that the news that Zaira was dating the polo player, Paula did not like her at all, since, years ago, she was very close to marrying Facundo Pieres.

Zaira Nara
Recent image of Zaira Nara.

The team of Show PartnersSeeing this, he decided to ask his opinion to Pedro Alfonsothe husband of Chaves. The producer shared about the relationship that unites them with Wanda’s sister: “Zaira is the godmother of Philip. She is loved very much in the family, I love her very much. It seems to me that it is something that is happening and that, with time, she is going to accommodate. I don’t get that much in the same way either, I’m honest. This is (some of them)“.

Paula Chaves and Pedro Alfonso
Paula and Pedro with their children.

In your opinion, is Paula’s anger a big deal or is it something that could have been discussed?“, he inquired without filters Mariana Brey. “I think it is something that is going to be fixed“, he answered Pedro not wanting to talk too much about the fight. Not wanting to let the topic go, Adrian Pallares added: “This Zaira of now is not the Zaira that you knew. Mediatically, she is a much more explosive girl“.

And… it’s in one!“, he said between laughs. alfonso. “It’s ‘wandarized’“, added Rodrigo Lussich. Finally, trying not to add fuel to the fire, the actor closed: “Yes, but it’s breaking it. For me it’s a matter of time and everything will settle down“.

What did Wanda Nara think about this fight?

“They love each other very much and I also love Paula very much”, began by saying Wanda Nara on a LAM mobile. Then, he added about the relationship that both share: “Paula and Zaira are family and these things happen in every family and then the situation goes back.”

Before closing the topic, Wanda talked about the code she shares with her sister:Her friends are like my friends and vice versa, that’s why I know of the love that they have.

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