Paula Chavez He completely distanced himself from his ex-friend. Zaira Nara. In a previous note with THE M, the driver said that she was in an “impasse” with the model. Now, as a result of this, the one who came out to speak was her husband, the producer Pedro Alfonso.

In a note made by the cornista Alejandro Costello for LAM, Pedro Alfonso implied that it is a temporary fight and that this would end and both Paula and Zaira would become friends again.

Paula Chaves and Zaira Nara
Zaira Nara and Paula Cahves

Although Pedro has his opinion and a vision different from that of the friendsPaula Chavez was consulted again on the subject and she undoubtedly said: “I don’t want to talk about this topic anymore.” At the insistence of only wanting the actress to respond to what her husband said, she once again made it clear that it was a finished issue for her and that she did not want to comment further.

The “impasse” of Paula and Zaira

Weeks ago, Paula Chavez was on a live mobile for THE M, where she gave details of her return to Channel 13 as host of “Pasa platos” and also spoke of her relationship with her former friend Zaira Nara.

“How is your relationship with Zaira Nara? It is interrupted, indefinite, in what state is it?”was the question of Brito’s Angel. Given this, Paula responded, but her face changed dramatically: “The subject makes me a little bad, the situation anguishes me.” Then she added: It hurts and it affects me. It is a relationship that is at an impasse, as it happens in life, generally because of private things that we decide not to say.”

Zaira Nara and Paula Chaves
Zaira Nara and Paula Chaves

Before ending the topic, Paula Chavez commented: I couldn’t tell you. I am sincere with the things that happen to me and I am not interested in saying that everything is fine and nothing is wrong and smiling. I can tell when something makes me sick or hurts,” said the driver with a lot of sadness on her face.


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