Paula Chavez debuted this week as the host of Pasaplatos Famosos on the screen of El Trece. Despite her busy schedule, the actress dedicated some of her time to send a tender and romantic live message to Pedro Alfonso, in front of all the cameras.

Is that the father of your children olivia, Balthazar and Philip was the guest at Show Partners, the cycle led by Adrian Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich. It was there that Paula Chaves surprised the actor and producer with a very loving statement. “Hello my love. Well, I’m here to tell you that I love you very much, that you are very important to me, that I love sharing life with you, I like working, living, sleeping with you,” the actress began.

Paula Chaves and Pedro Alfonso
Paula Chaves and Pedro Alfonso.

“I also like to raise with you, that what does not kill us strengthens us. We spend a lot of things together and yet we continue to choose and have fun ”, Paula Chaves continued, showing herself to be very much in love with Pedro Alfonso, with whom she formed a family several years ago.

Paula Chaves confessed that she learned to fight with Pedro Alfonso

The actress continued with her statement and was honest when talking about the most everyday and mundane details of a relationship, such as the conflicts that can arise on a daily basis. “I think that all of this is the key to our continuing to be eternally engaged. I really enjoy spending time with you. I feel that in all these years we even learned to fight, ”she added.

Pedro Alfonso
Paula Chaves and Pedro Alfonso.

To finish, Paula Chaves reflected on her relationship with Pedro Alfonso: “I hope that life continues to give us beautiful moments, that we can continue working together and enjoying the way we do. And being with that level of awareness of being able to enjoy everything we are going through and living in this way. I love you a lot”.


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