The Public Prosecutor’s Office denounced Elisabeth Morrone and her son for crimes of threats. You two will be involved in a confusion like or comedian Eddy Jr. In October 2022, the chamaram or “macaco” artist, in addition to making ameaças with a jug and a knife.

The investigation by the Civil Police on the case was finalized on March 23, without investigation for crimes. In the police report, the delegate stated that the investigation was concluded and that it tints as a “suggestion of establishment of an incident of mental insanity.”

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The case was forwarded to the MP and the promoter Maria Fernanda Balsalobre Pinto cited a document, at terça-feira (5/23), that “they have doubts regarding the mental integrity of the two accused” and understands “it would be necessary to establish an incident of mental insanity .”

The case still depends on the manifestation of the judge on the request. In case of concordance of the authorities, a new procedure in Justice will verify if Elisabeth can respond to a crime apóséperícia that must be made by a nominated expert. Previously, in defense of the apontou that the settled would treat alleged acute and transient psychotic disorders. The son of her has been interdicted.

Relembre or case

EITHER Comedian Eddy Jr. used his social networks to expose a series of racist attacks suffered by a vizinha in the condominium where he lives. “Macaco, imundo, sujo e bandit” are some of the words used by her to refer to the comedian.

In another moment of the video, the resident refuses to use the same elevator as Eddy. “Finding inside my house I suffer death threats and calúnias on me again for being black… Being prevented from entering the same elevator of the white resident for being black too…”, he wrote in the legend of the publication.

“I don’t know how to disbelieve the feeling I’m feeling. I won by making people smile and I’m not going to change, I’m going to continue making you smile, but now it’s going to be a little more difficult…”, she added.

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