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close friend of Jamie Foxx, the ex-boxer mike tyson ended up giving information about the state of health of the actor, hospitalized in April while filming a comedy for Netflix, in Atlanta, United States. The hospitalization took place due to a health complication, which has not yet been revealed by the family or the doctors, but the youngest world heavyweight champion at age 20, in 1986, told what would have happened to the Hollywood star.

“He wasn’t feeling well. They said it was a stroke (Cerebral Vascular Accident). I have no idea what exactly happened to him”, he told the PCB Podcast about the actor, who would have been chosen to play him in a biographical series .

Tyson, 56, also clarified that he did not know if the information was true, but he found the family’s silence strange and changed his mind. “Listen, we can’t anticipate our next breath. We don’t know when we’re going to die”, reflected the former athlete. “Bad things can happen.”

Foxx, 55, was admitted to the hospital on April 11 following a medical emergency. In May, the actor’s family released a prayer request after three weeks of hospitalization. On May 6, People magazine even disclosed that Jamie’s health status was stable after “medical complications” and was not life-threatening. However, days later, the site RadarOnline even said that the family was preparing for the worst.

On May 12th, contrary to the news, Corinne Foxx, the actor’s daughter, said her father was no longer hospitalized. On the last day 15, TMZ announced thatand Jamie is in a rehab clinic to help with his recovery. The space specializes in recovery from stroke, brain or spinal cord trauma and cancer, according to the website.

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