Since May 16, Cannes Film Festival obliges, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine has been presenting her program “C à vous”, live from La Croisette. This relocation allows the host to receive live on her ephemeral stage, actors, actresses and directors in order to discuss the films presented during the Festival.

The host therefore had the chance to talk during a rather tense exchange with Maïwenn who came to present her film “Jeanne du Barry” in which she gives the reply to Johnny Depp but also with Guillaume Canet on the poster of the film. “Acid”. This Wednesday, May 24, 2023, it was Michèle Laroque and Alessandra Sublet who were present on the set of the program broadcast on France 5.

Twenty-three years ago, Michèle, you landed your very first role. It was in The misfit of Jacques Deray. Do you remember that?” launched Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine to start the conversation with her host. Something to surprise Michèle Laroque who then made a small grimace. Panicked at the idea of ​​​​having made a mistake, the host then asked: “No ? Whether ? It’s wrong ?”. And the actress stammers: Yes, no, yes… This is wrong! “Who are you confusing me with?

Aware that she often makes blunders, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine then joked, explaining that errors are “the very DNA of the show”. Amused by the situation, she then quipped: “This is false information per minute! A question off the mark!“. It was then time for Michèle Laroque to re-establish the truth about the beginning of her career in cinema: “I arrived in Paris at 24 years old, and I made cinema for the first time, I believe, at 29 or 30 years old”.

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