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Markets: Argentine stocks rise on Wall Street and bonds fall - Loxpex News
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Argentine actions, with "momentum" positive in 2023.
Argentine stocks, with positive “momentum” in 2023.

While Argentina does not register financial operations for the long weekend in commemoration of a new anniversary of the May Revolution, Argentine assets continue to be listed abroad, with a mixed trend.

On Wall Street, Argentine stocks maintain the winning trend, in a 2023 that since its inception has been giving impetus to variable income, while sovereign bonds experience a marginal fall, with businesses lacking the reference of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange.

Among the ADRs and shares of Argentine companies that are traded in dollars in New York, the gains of 3.5% for YPF shares, to USD 11.44followed by Despegar (+3.2%) and Central Puerto (+2.8%).

Source: Rava Bursátil-prices in dollars.
Source: Rava Bursátil-prices in dollars.

At 11:45 am, the Wall Street indicators showed significant increases, a dynamic that contributed to sustaining Argentine paper prices. the technological Nasdaq advances 1.7%while both the Dow Jones Industrials and the S&P 500 average gained 1.2 percent.

Regarding Argentine bonds, the Globals of the exchange -in dollars with foreign law- fell a marginal 0.1% on average, while the risk country of JP Morgan, which measures the gap in the rates of US Treasury bonds with its emerging peers, rises nine units for Argentina, in the 2,592 points basic.

The Merval panel of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange maintains in 2023 a profit of 69.1% in pesos, and 18.2% in dollars “counted with liquid” according to the evolution of the ADRs

“Among the current news, the us debt limit is still in talks and it is expected that the Congress can give an answer soon after an agreement on the matter between Democrats and Republicans. Although it is common news, many consider not assuming the risk of not reaching an agreement because if it does not materialize the consequences could be catastrophic both for the United States economy and for international market prices. In this regard, the US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellenis confident that a bipartisan agreement could be reached with proposals from both parties on a deficit reduction,” he said. Javier Ravadirector of Rava Bursátil.

“The Fed (US Federal Reserve) continues to assess inflation as high, which renewed the rate hike. The discussions about the debt ceiling added in the same direction. Despite the recent improvement in inflation data, it remains very high,” he said. Balance Capital in a market report.

Abroad, the balance sheet of the US processor manufacturer had an impact nvidiathat announced a net profit of 2,043 million dollars in the first quarter of its fiscal year, 26% more than in the same period of the previous year, driven by the development of the artificial intelligence (AI).

The technology company had a turnover of USD 7,192 million in the three months ended May 1, 13% less year-on-year, but its main business, that of data centers, remained strong and registered record revenues, as reported by Nvidia. it’s a statement.

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