Being a parent is a full-time job that has its share of good times, but also times of worry and doubt. In November 2020, Louis Bertignac’s companion spoke of the “unlivable” disability from which their son Jack suffered: dyspraxia. For this, the telephone guitarist and Laëtitia Brichet had to run after medical appointments.

“I don’t want him to lose his childish carelessness. I feel bad for him, I know he has an unfailing will, he will have to use it every day and without respite”,explained Laëtitia Brichet.see also:

“We know that everything is fine”

Almost three years after these revelations, Louis Bertignac was able to take stock of the state of health of his four-year-old son. “Today, we know that everything is fine. My wife did well to worry: it gave Jack a bit of education which was rather beneficial, he was able to catch up on the months of delay he had on others”, rejoiced the one who also has two sons. And for good reason, Jack “is not affected by this neurological disorder”.

Speaking of delay, Louis Bertignac detailed the difficulties his child has encountered in the past. “Jack was not very comfortable writing, for example. A teacher had advised us to go see a doctor because he seemed a little dyspraxic. […] We were also told about autism,” he remembered.

The perseverance paid off as the multiple medical appointments allowed him to benefit from the follow-up he needed to progress. All’s well That ends well !


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