He said he was the son of Alain Delon for years but could never prove it. Ari Boulogne was found dead this Saturday, May 20 at his home in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. His companion, Yasmina S., alerted the emergency services after finding the body in an advanced state of decomposition. In the process, the 58-year-old woman was indicted for “failure to assist a person in danger, manslaughter, transport, possession, acquisition and disposal of narcotics”.

This Monday, May 22, Marie Soubrier Boulogne, niece of Alain Delon, gave her opinion on Yasmina S. And wished to denounce her behavior vis-à-vis Ari Boulogne. “As I told you last night, she called to say ‘give it back to me, the carrots are cooked’, my mother called the police station, I called all the hospitals”she explained to Cyril Hanouna and the teams of “TPMP”.

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Yasmina S. responsible for the death of Ari Boulogne for the niece of Alain Delon?

The 87-year-old actor’s niece goes even further and lets go: “She was so perverse that she put it under another name so that we wouldn’t find it and not in the name of Boulogne. Everything was worked out, the girl was a great manipulator”. Bernard Montiel then reminded him that Ari Boulogne was the victim of two absolutely destructive strokes and that for more than thirty years he had been drugged and had undergone several detoxification treatments.

“He was still very well, he had no more treatment”however nuanced Marie Soubrier Boulogne before continuing: “There were ten years that went by and in those ten years he wasn’t even taking methadone, he wasn’t taking anything. Overnight this woman brings him things to the hospital… actually this woman comes to get her substitution treatment, she calls him Alain while his name is Ari, by the way, that’s what I already told you four years ago and no one believed me”.

Ari Boulogne did not have a medical follow-up

But what Alain Delon’s niece especially deplores is the fact that there was no “medical follow-up”. “You don’t leave someone with hemiplegia, without assistance without… She cut everything off like a pervert. She put him in his bubble, she drugged him. She, she actually wanted the money”, she finally concluded very uplifted. Now it is justice that will have to judge whether Yasmina S. really had a role in the death of Ari Boulogne.


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