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Léa Salamé arrested, this interview which is debated on the Web - Loxpex News
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She is the only French researcher living under police protection on French territory, due to death threats. And this, since the publication of his book on the Muslim Brotherhood: “The brotherhood and its networks. The investigation”January 25, 2023. Florence Bergeaud-Blackler is a French anthropologist, research fellow at the CNRS, who also saw her lecture at the Sorbonne cut in the middle.

Indeed, the management of the university has chosen to suspend its intervention as noted NEWS. For security reasons after his investigations on Islamism. Invited this Tuesday, May 23 in the morning of Léa Salamé on France InterFlorence Bergeaud-Blackler revealed that she was going to be received by the Minister of the Interior and what she was going to ask him.

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Florence Bergeaud-Blackler calls for more security from the government

“I wanted to talk to him about the situation of researchers today, especially those who work on Islamism. We are only a handful, Gilles Kepel is retiring, we are really helpless, we don’t we have no means of research, we cannot train students because we cannot put them in danger”she lamented at first before ensuring: “We can’t express ourselves at the university either. We saw it at the Sorbonne when my lecture was suspended…”

Florence Bergeaud-Blackler also wishes to speak to the Minister of Higher Education to tell him “there may be things to do”. “The education code is quite specific on these questions of protection of researchers and teachers and tell Mr. Darmanin that perhaps specific means of protection should be proposed for researchers working on this subject”she noted.

Lea Salame and Florence Bergeaud-Blackler questioned about the Koran

Following his passage in the morning of France Inter, a good number of Internet users have challenged Léa Salamé and in particular her guest to contradict her on some of her statements. The proof, with the tweet of the doctor in physics and essayist, Malik Bezouh, which contradicts the writings of the anthropologist.

“Madame Florence Bergeaud-Blackler, you say that Halal is not a religious prescription because ‘neither the Koran nor the Sunna speak of it’. This is totally false. Verse 3 of Sura 5 of the Koran in speaks explicitly. It is appalling to write such untruths”he regretted a few minutes after the visit of the researcher.


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