Since last March, M6 launched its seventh season of Mariés at first sight. If the current is immediately passed between Anabel and Fabrice or Léa and Emanuel, Jessica and Pascal had more difficult beginnings. Despite a slight reversal of situations, the two sports enthusiasts finally chose to divorce.

In the last episodes, viewers were able to discover new duos such as Maurine and Benjamin, Pedro and Jefferson who are the first gay duo on the program, or even Laura and Anthony. However, the insurance manager never imagined that her adventure was going to take such a turn.

And for good reason, the young woman suffered a stroke a month before the ceremony. As a result, the production has decided to cancel their marriage for the time being. That said, that didn’t stop them from meeting regardless.

Indeed, the production allowed them to meet over a drink. Very stressed, Laura warned that her heart is racing. Wanting to reassure her, the one who should have been her husband launched: “Relax, I swear, I’m just like you and it really touches me to meet you.”

It could have ended there but the young man still managed to make a mistake by saying to him: “Don’t feel bad, huh!”.

If this could have offended the candidate in view of her health problems, Laura preferred to take it all lightly: “No no, I feel very good, but it’s stressful”.

Yes it’s stressful, but that’s it we’re at the end, we finally meet and at least I put a face on this letter you sent me” then put the 31-year-old beach director into perspective. All’s well That ends well !

A few months after her stroke, Laura is still feeling the effects of her autoimmune disease. It remains to be seen whether they will finally be able to unite and go on honeymoon…

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