Karina Jelinek He decided to pack his bags and escape from the cold days of Buenos Aires, to stay in Miami and enjoy the beach and the first days of heat, since almost two months ago spring arrived in the United States.

From her Instagram account, the model, who recently whitewashed her reconciliation with Florencia Parise, published several stories of how she spends her days sunbathing and anticipated summer 2024 by showing a tiny microbikini that will be a trend on the next vacation.

Through a selfie she shared, Karina is seen lying on an orange lounge chair at the hotel where she is staying, wearing a mega golden swimsuit under an umbrella and in style colaless. The upper part is not well appreciated, but the detail on the straps makes it clear that it is a total gold.

Karina Jelinek
Karina Jelinek’s explosive selfie

Finally, Jelinek went natural with her hair in several beach-style waves and small braids on either side of her face. As for the accessories, he opted for rings and almost no makeup, for better comfort.

How was the play in which Karina Jelinek participated in the summer

During the summer of 2023, Karina was part of the play ”We do not stop succeeding” and shared the stage with Fabian Medina Flores, Belén Francese, Mariano De La Canal, and Hernán Cabanas. and Christian Fontan.

Karina Jelinek

It should be remembered that the model was going through a bad financial streak after a friend stole the jewelry that she had intended for the surrogate mother and to be a mother, she finally debuted in her first theatrical performance and saved her from bad times.

In an interview for PRONTO magazine, Karina expressed at that time: “I am very happy, enjoying this moment. The affection of the people moves me. It is a blessing for me. The work for the family is very fun and I am very happy because it identifies me a lot. Come see it, because of course I’m going to put my personal hoses in”, he pointed.


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