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Jean-Luc Reichmann and Paul El Kharrat still cold? The host cash on their recent head-to-head! - Loxpex News
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In 2019, Paul El Kharrat saw his notoriety explode by participating in the “12 noon shots” on TF1. Then suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, the young man was able to seduce viewers with his most impressive personality and general culture. The main interested party chained no less than 150 victories before being eliminated to the chagrin of his admirers. However, the Big Heads member left with an incredible jackpot: 691,522 euros!

If Paul El Kharrat befriended Jean-Luc Reichmann, over time, their relationship has become distended. “Why would I be friends with Jean-Luc Reichmann? We haven’t spoken to each other for nearly a year for all sorts of reasons that I won’t reveal. I have no direct or privileged contact with this man.” dropped the writer in the columns of “Télé Star” in 2022. Stung to the quick, the latter did not mince words.

Having gone on vacation with the happy band of Big Heads, Paul El Kharrat had claimed to have opened his eyes to the front page host: All this allowed me to have Laurent Ruquier connections that I never had with Jean-Luc Reichmann, with whom we never left the teacher-student relationship.“For his part, the companion of Nathalie Lecoultre has always refused to stir up tensions between them.

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“Very happy that we met again…”

“The phenomenon of Paul, we will talk about it when necessary. For the moment, I am quite calm on this subject”, he confided to “Télé Magazine” last December. But to everyone’s surprise, the duo seems to have reconciled out of sight. This Thursday, May 25, 2023, Jean-Luc Reichmann confirmed the return of Paul El Kharrat in the “12 Coups de midi”. Obviously, he will shine in a special edition of the game, Le combat des Maîtres as highlighted by “Télé-Loisirs”.

A few hours after the shock announcement, the emblematic actor of Léo Mattei immortalized their reunion on Instagram to the delight of Internet users. The opportunity for him to say more about their recent head-to-head. “Really very happy that we saw each other again Paul, and above all sincerely happy that we were able to explain ourselves in all serenity”, informed Jean-Luc Reichmann.

And to underline with a light heart: “A real pleasure that you accepted my invitation for the 13th anniversary of the ’12 Coups de Midi’ on June 28, and above all also very proud that you confirmed your presence for the ‘Summer Party of the Combat des Maîtres 2023’ soon on @tf1. A nice publication that aroused passions!


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