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Jean Dujardin worried about his acting career, the actor gives a huge rant on Instagram! - Loxpex News
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Deep concern. This Thursday, May 25, 2023, Jean Dujardin took over his social networks in order to rant against new technologies. According to him, artificial intelligence risks destroying careers, especially in the film industry. No one in front of this microphone. Here’s what could happen to voiceover and dubbing actors as well as actors in other industries if AI is not regulated by law”, he wrote on his Instagram account. A publication that did not fail to react to Internet users.

“Thank you for defending us”, “The John class. Thank you”, “Thank you very much Jean”, “There are voices that we do not forget, because they come to touch us, jostle us, excite us, make us laugh or downright exasperate us, so many irreplaceable nuances. The man must be irreplaceable…”, “Bravo! Actors and all other shadow jobs, dubbing, voice over, accessibility, audio description, technicians, subtitlers, translators. Everyone is threatened. The human must absolutely stop the machine. In every sense of the term”could we read in the comments.

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Alexandre Astier disagrees

If Jean Dujardin seems particularly worried about the future of the various cinema professions, for his part, Alexandre Astier does not share his opinion. Indeed, the 48-year-old actor, author, director, composer, screenwriter, producer, editor and musician is convinced that AI and ChatGPT do not threaten artistic creation. For the star of Kaamelott, “it does not change much”. “Even if I listen to the specialists who warn us of possibly very serious things at the global level, I am not afraid”, he said in a recent interview with our colleagues from the Huffington Post.

And to continue: “As for my job, I think to begin with that the AI ​​says a lot of nonsense. If we talk about ChatGPT, it contradicts itself, advances things as truths then comes back to it once we have told it. explained that it was wrong. He will answer you “Oh yes, sorry, I made a mistake” and correct himself. But if you question him fifteen times in a row, you can arrive at fifteen “sorry, I made a mistake”. “Makes sense since it is fed with real things, but also with false ones. If it was a real conversation, we would very quickly stop talking with a person like that.” If new technologies have “great talent” continues the actor, they do not come close to our works. One thing is certain, it doesn’t matter who Jean Dujardin or Alexandre Astier is right, AI is a real debate.


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