Pamplona, ​​May 24. Osasuna’s coach, Jagoba Arrasate, has indicated that they need to be “more Osasuna than ever” tomorrow against Athletic Club to equalize the lions in seventh position on points.

The Basque coach has called tomorrow’s clash at El Sadar “momentous” for the future of his European aspirations and has stressed that he hopes to see the version left by his team against Almería two weeks ago.

He expects a “more open” game than the one played in the first leg of the Copa del Rey semifinals against the lions, something that “we are not too interested in because of their conditions. By having to win, that makes it possible to be different”.

“It is a team that has been reliable throughout the year. Beyond the fact that tomorrow the tie can be good, he has never played to tie. He looks up for you and tries to go for the game, feeling more comfortable when he can run”, the coach warned about his rival.

He said that the squad is “very excited” to be able to achieve the goal, a motivation that increases when they play in his stadium “seeing that your people play with you.” “Everything happens tomorrow, there are more than three points”, he added.

“We are going to try to be protagonists, play in the rival field and be aggressive in the pressure after loss. If we are not vigilant in the surveillance, no matter how much we want to run, it will turn against us ”, he has noted about the plan that he hopes to see.

Osasuna faces an appointment with “a dizzying pace” against a team that “presses and defends well and that does not let you generate superiorities. Therein lies the difficulty.”

“We want to make merits so that the result falls in our favour, to see if we are capable of generating more than these two games that we have played in the Cup against them to have options to score a goal”, he commented. EFE



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