It freed up speech. On Monday May 22, 2023, Faustine Bollaert took to her Instagram account to reveal the testimony of one of her guests in “It starts today”. Christine, who was able to rub shoulders with Claude François several years ago thanks to her job as a dancer, had a hard time putting “right” words to her feelings. The artist who died on March 11, 1978 would have detected his “fragility” to better manipulate and abuse her…

Faced with the “denial” of her guest, the host wanted to put the right words behind her words. “I listen, I understand, I support, but sometimes it seems necessary to say the right words”she wrote in the caption of this sequence that she relayed before continuing: “It doesn’t matter which one we are talking about, on behalf of all the victims, on behalf of all the young people who watch us, on behalf of all those who need the word ‘rape’ spoken. A tender thought to Christine whose unbearable story revolted me to the point of expressing my anger”.

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Faustine Bollaert has freed up speech

Since then, many women have contacted Faustine Bollaert to discuss their personal case. And in particular thank the host of 44 years for his speech, which made it possible to release them. Indeed, the companion of Maxime Chattam has relayed many testimonials that she has received, always in her Instagram story.

“I too was 15. I lost my virginity with a friend of my sister who was 20 years older in a car – with my naivety I let myself go – for years I thought I was a bad girl for having had a report in the road but NO I dared not say anything and I let myself be done. I did not have the courage, not the strength to tell my sister that I was not (consenting ).Thanks to you I will be able to say it after 35 years”can we read from a user.

While another wrote to Faustine Bollaert: “I am very moved by writing to you but I wanted to thank you. It took me a long time to pronounce this word, and I still have trouble sometimes, today, as if I were ashamed. But the shame I’m on the wrong side and I’m realizing it little by little. Thank you so much Faustine, let’s not be afraid to say things, words matter”.

The frankness and empathy of the host have allowed many people to free themselves and they did not hesitate to thank her for her speech.


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