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Giuseppa speaks out and confesses to being the cause of his daughter’s recent health problems - Loxpex News
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It was on April 28, 2023 that the beautiful Guiseppa announced the most wonderful news to her community. With a month in advance, the reality TV candidate gave birth to her first child, a girl she and Paga decided to baptize Giorgia. “Hello, my name is Giorgia. I was born on April 28 at 4:29 in Marseille baby. I’m already doing 3k185! And I’m so fit that I was born 1 month early! », she said via an Instagram post, revealing at the same time the adorable first name of the child.

Since then, a new life has been offered to the young woman of just 22 years old who discovers the joys of motherhood and who, as a good influencer, shares this new daily life as a mother with her community. And as a young mother, Giuseppea does not hesitate to seek advice from her subscribers who are more experienced mothers, not hesitating to mention the problems! me she meets.

The proof, on Tuesday May 23, 2023, Paga’s companion announced via her Instagram story that she was worried about her daughter because she “was crying from morning to evening because she had a stomach ache”. “We started to imagine that it could be GERD or internal reflux, we also thought that she could be lactose intolerant…”she said before finally confessing to her community that she had found the origin of her child’s discomfort.

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“I never imagined that it could cause him so much harm”

“Those who follow me know that I am breastfeeding Giorgia and she does not take a pacifier, I have tried several but she does not want one. And since I know that sucking is something that relieves them, soothes them etc., the big mistake I made was to put her to the breast all the time when she was in pain. And nursing all day, from morning to night, her digestive system was working all the time,” she confided.

“It’s a bit my fault, I didn’t imagine it could cause him so much harm. I thought that putting her to the breast would relieve her when in fact it only made things worse because besides, she continued to eat in pain and suddenly her digestive system worked ten times more than the norm. In short, it was really a mistake on my part and since we realized that, she has better digestion and has great nights., she said humbly. A sharing of experience that will probably help young mothers who are going through the same situation. A beautiful honesty that we salute!


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