João Augusto Liberatothe oldest son of the presenter Gugu Liberato, who died in November 2019 at the age of 60, was the first time he was on ojIt is now that her mother, Rose Miriam, asks for the recognition of her stable union with the artist.

The boy used his social networks to explain the reason for remaining silent during the hearing, at the second fair (5/22). The twins Marina and Sofia, in turn, will declare themselves in favor of the recognition of their stable union, according to columnist Mônica Bergamo, from Folha de S. Paulo.

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“I am a reserved and discreet person like my father was. I really did not want to speak publicly about this case, but all the comments about the audience in question, and everyone who spoke to me with respect, forced me to write this message”, affirmed João.

“I did ask to be present and it is not true that I prefer to be quiet during the hearing, I did not manifest myself because it was not the time to hear me”, completed the rapacious.

João Augusto still said that he was surprised by the news about his silence, and made it clear that he was still dead or what to say about the case:

“I was very surprised when they told me that I decided to go deep. Because, on the contrary, I have a lot to talk about and I still had to make sure not to talk when it wasn’t the right time. It was very sad to see and hear so many things that were not true, but I respected the rules of the audience.”

“I have looked at his life and history, disrespected by a mountain of lies. My father does not deserve this and I will do everything to defend the truth and his memory”, concluded João.

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