After the shock of civilizations, theory of Samuel Huntington cherished by the extreme right, place with the “decivilization”. The concept comes from the top of the state, as revealed by The Parisian. During the Council of Ministers, the president was alarmed by the climate of recent days and asked that the government be “intractable” in the face of violence “never justifiable in a society, whatever the cause”.

To begin the Council of Ministers, the President returned to the attacks and threats against elected officials and the climate of violence. “You have to be intractable on the merits. No violence is legitimate, whether verbal or against people. We must work in depth to counter this process of decivilization”, thus enjoined the Head of State before the ministers gathered at the Élysée.

“No violence that is justifiable”

One way, according to a relative interviewed by The Parisianto evoke “the look that society must have on itself”, “a questioning of society”, considering that “politics is not the only one responsible” in this matter.

While recalling that the recent tragedies (nurse killed at the Reims hospital, police killed in a collision in Roubaix by an alcoholic and drugged driver, fire at the house of the mayor of Saint-Brévin, etc.) were not of the same nature , Emmanuel Macron made a point of emphasizing, summarizes a participant, that “there is no violence that is justifiable, ever, in a society, whatever the cause”.

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